In cooperation with Beletrina and Geodetic Institute of Slovenia, we are developing a highly innovative mobile application based on the localised content from five Slovenian municipalities. The project, which will also establish a starting point for the long-term design of a platform for the development of a multitude of modern digital services in the cultural tourism sector, follows the belief that a close link between space and intangible cultural heritage – folk traditions such as fables, fables, stories, sayings, proverbs – can be a powerful tool for the development of the cultural tourism sector, urban legends, knowledge, skills and (contemporary) literature – with the help of the new technology, can offer a high-quality and, above all, integrated digital product that will accelerate the development of existing and new cultural tourism destinations, both in Slovenia and globally, and can also find its use in the education and training sector. For the future of tourism destinations, sustainable mobility and storytelling are part of the key strategic guidelines for the development of an inclusive and on sustainability based society. In this manner, visitors can experience and connect with the chosen destination, however by generating a minimal impact on the environment. Storytelling also helps active partcipations of the visitors, fosters a much longer connection with the destination, resulting in longer visitors stays and a better, a more insightful understanding of the local environment. On the other hand, the targeted integration of the new technologies and tourism allows municipalities to reach more visitors in a faster and more affordable way. By developing this platform, we encourage curiosity, creative thinking and, last but not least, cognitive flexibility.

Project name: Stories of Spaces – Spaces of Stories


  • Beletrina, Zavod za založniško dejavnost (prijavitelj)
  • Geodetski inštitut Slovenije
  • Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, UL