RUBIZMO & LIVERUR: Final event

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Cultivating rural business success. 85% of Europe’s land is covered by rural areas which are inhabited by 137 million people (2018 Eurostat report). Nevertheless a 2019 Eurostat report found that 22% of Europe´s rural population is at risk of poverty and social exclusion. RUBIZMO and LIVERUR – two Horizon 2020 projects identified innovative ideas for rural jobs and growth. Read More

Carpe Digem’s Virtual Wine Tasting: 16.06.2021

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The concept of virtual wine tasting was an initiative was started by young winemakers of the wine-growing region of Slovenian Istria from Divina Wine Hub Šmarje. This unique event will show how international cooperation and technology can support people to search and create common solutions within the difficult times of the COVID-19.

This event will allow you to understand the challenges that wine producers across Europe have been facing during the global COVID-19 pandemic and how cooperation and innovative use of digital tools has led to the creation of new business models and partnerships to meet these challenges. Read More