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Lea ŠmigocTelekom Slovenije d.d.

We did not achieve a significant added value with the first series of children's chairs. LTFE and Makerlab engineers have added sensors, communication, and application to help us develop our first digital product.

Matej KoširRimarket, Jurjevica

Our universal solution for measuring power consumption collects data from residential, commercial and industrial network systems. We are changing our research and development from an electrically-centric to ICT & electrically focused digital solution. The help of the LTFE team as our "think tank" and development team is invaluable.

Marko MišmašIskra Emeco, Kranj

Selected projects


Laboratory for Telecommunications launches CHAISE to design Europe’s strategy for blockchain skills

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Laboratory for telecommunications at Faculty of electrical engineering (University of Ljubljana) joined the CHAISE consortium with Europe’s among a consortium of top stakeholders in blockchain innovation and skills development. The four-year project will develop a certified training programme for blockchain and DLTs, and the first-ever “blockchain specialist” occupational profile.

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Innovation as a Service (IaaS) approach: Supporting the next generation of digital transformation ecosystems

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As part of the Carpe Digem Interreg project, a round table on the new approach Innovation as a Service (IaaS) was held on 26 November. The event was moderated by assistant professor Emilia Stojmenova Duh from University of Ljubljana (Faculty of electrical engineering) who also presented the role of 4PDIH in partnership with Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia (SOS) on supporting digital transformation of public sector.

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