On 4th of November, as part of the Interreg project Carpe Digem, a webinar on digital innovation and the evolution of tourism in the challenging times of COVID-19 took place.

The seminar, which attracted more than 200 experts and experts, followed these four key topics: safety and well-being, sustainability (economic, social, cultural and environmental), digital transformation and policy and strategy changes to support the development of the sector.

As a part of the seminar one of the speakers was also dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh who presented the Meet the Local Producer platform. The platform is being developed by our laboratory, although in close cooperation with the stakeholders from our pilot regions. The platform, which follows the principle of sustainability, is building its uniqueness on putting local producers and farmers to its foreground, also by evoking principles of storytelling, fostering new, innovative ways of tourism communication and representation.

Among others, the seminar was also attended by Elena Angiolini from DG CNECT, while Janja Viher, president of Styrian Tourism Association, represented Slovenian stakeholders. In her presentation, Viher stressed the problem of the decline in sales faced by winemakers during COVID-19 and the urgent need for finding new ways of how to address this dire situation, suggesting that digital technologies could play an integrative part in meeting this challenge.

See video below!

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