On Friday, 7th of December 2018, a student excursion to Štajerska and Prlekija was held for students of the study programmes in Multimedia and Electrical Engineering. Under the guidance of prof. Andrej Kos, we first stopped in Mikropis Company in Žalec, which operatesin a wider field of information and computer solutions.

After a friendly reception, we visited development departments of the company where 24alife application is being developed in cooperation with the famous American clinic and research institute – Mayo Clinic. Their main goal is to encourage users to balanced lifestyle and personal development through a personalized coaching approach. To strengthen the feeling of well-being at any age they presented a guide with 12 habits, which include adequate physical activity, adequate sleep, and food portion control, as well as less known habits such as forgiveness, positive social connections, various calming techniques, gratitude with good thoughts, and always recommended laughter.

Afterwards, we travelled furtherinto the heart of Prlekija to a control station of the Agency for CommunicationNetworks and Services (AKOS) in Jeruzalem. In a nearby guesthouse Brenholc we listenedto an introductory presentation on activities conducted by Slovenian team of 5radio frequency spectrum supervisors. We concluded the presentation with apleasant and tasty homemade lunch. Then we went on a colourful walk through the vineyards to the strategically located radio frequency control station with its wonderful view of Slovenia and surrounding countries. Tourists and other visitors have been welcomed from afar by high antenna towers, which present the lenses of radio binoculars andcan be moved in different directions. At the bottom of antennas a high quality, equipped according to own innovative outlines, measuring vehicle was waiting for us. It effectively complements the coverage of 12 control stations across Slovenia. Two control station managers, who also take on the role of radioinspectors, in an interesting way presented some examples of detecting and solving radio interference in the field, as well as latest measurements of mobile operators’ network coverage, which were conducted by specially tuned measuring phones hidden in a modified roof box. Inside the renovated building there ishidden a complete set of receivers, analysers, recorders, displays and other equipment which enables detection of observed signal’s origin direction and its monitoring over time. As one of the major problems of modern communication,they mentioned the inadequate installation of WiFi transmitter points on the 5GHz area, which can interfere and disturb weather radars located on Lisca and Pasja Raven. Besides the radio and television transmitters we could observe, and in some cases listen to, other interesting communication cases, used for example at the International Space Station (ISS), in aviation, and in professional communications TETRA.

After having learned about challengesof the engineering profession and interesting work experiences, at the sunset we successfully completed the excursion in the wine cellar Brenholc with a short wine tasting event. We tried excellent local wines, from Šipon to fragrant and sweet Traminac, and after that, we returned safely to Ljubljana in the evening.

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