The goal of the project is a complete renovation of the graphical design, interactions and user experience for the mobile application Promet +, and the portal In the project, as a partner ULFE / LTM, we design and develop innovative user experience solutions in order to provide useful, interesting and safe services for the industrial partner DARS. An important part is also the evaluation of these solutions, for which we use state-of-the-art approaches with human centred design and the use of eye-tracking and attention monitoring systems in a driving simulator. We also participate in international projects of C-Roads and C-Roads 2.

The project is a good example of cooperation between academia and industry in the implementation of user experience in a demanding industrial environment.

Project title: Industrial project DARS-REALIS

Program / type: industrial contract

Duration: March 2021



  • DARS,
  • ULFE / LTM,
  • Communicator