Digital university project is a project funded by Slovenian Ministry of Education and European Social Fund. It started in late 2017 and will last until the second half of 2020. The project is worth 1.088.000,00 EUR, coordinated by the rectorate (university project office) and supported by internal multidisciplinary project team from different faculties and academies. The main aim of the project is to facilitate and systematise the introduction and use of ICT in pedagogical process at University of Ljubljana (UL).

Digital university project aims to establish the basis for digital transformation of University of Ljubljana, at least in the pedagogy sense, to engage the pedagogues and to improve the climate regarding the use of ICT at UL.

Four main activities are performed within the project:
1. Extensive analysis of the current situation, needs and requirements across the university, parallel with comparative analysis of similar academic institutions in Europe and USA (focus on best practices).
2. Establishment of the pedagogy theoretical backgrounds, University Support Centre with its services and technologies, internal portal with teachers toolbox and collaboration environment.
3. Development and performance of 46 ICT supported pilot deliveries (each one equal to 30 hours of lecturing) in different studying programmes and levels of studies with all UL members participating, providing methodology, didactical and technical support to pedagogues.
4. Dissemination and trainings: ongoing performance of live workshops, trainings and presentations of foreign and local experts, as well as teachers to teachers, recording all presentations and establishing the repository of knowledge (within the teachers toolbox), starting with webinars.

Spletni naslov:

Project title: Digital UL – Excellence through innovative use of ICT

Duration: 1. 4. 2017 – 30. 9. 2020

Project cost: 1.088.284,94 EUR

Project code: C3330-17-539022

Coordination team:

  • Rectorate (UL).
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering (UL FE),
  • Faculty of Pedagogy (UL PEF),
  • Faculty of Arts (UL FF),
  • Faculty of Public Administration (UL FU),
  • Faculty of Medicine (UL MF),
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences (UL FRI).
  • All other members participate within specific activities of the project.