Expert knowledge, qualified and motivated staff, good knowledge exchange and collaboration among employees are key factors of a successful company.

We helped companies, banks, educational organizations to introduce advanced technology solutions for e-learning and multimedia learning, thus enabling our partners to:

  • lower training expenses,
  • use learning to increase business performance,
  • streamline the exchange of key knowledge among employees,
  • effectively established certification of staff or partners,
  • systematically transfer knowledge into multimedia content,
  • train a large number of employees in a very short time.

We cover the entire spectrum of transformation to digital learning and knowledge sharing, thereby assuring the effectiveness of deployment and sustainability of results. The typical steps include:

  • design strategy of digital learning accompanied by a viable implementation plan,
  • establish virtual learning environment
  • design or redesign the processes of learning and knowledge sharing,
  • design & develop multimedia e-content
  • build e-learning competences within the company / organization

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