The aim of the project is innovation and implementation of multimedia and digital television (MDTV) studies in Albania and Kosovo, which would enable  education of professionals in the field of digital broadcasting, broadband technologies and multimedia. Namely, in the last years, the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting has been a real challenge for both these Western Balkan countries. Through this project we aim to contribute to the improvement of the actual situation in these countries and reduce both unemployment rate and lack of experts in the MDTV-related areas to an important extent. To achieve this, UAMD will offer a new professional master with three specific specializations such as image processing, 3D animation and production/post-production. In addition to teaching, these modules and the program itself will lead to higher research collaborations with EU partners. The profile of the study is in line with the needs of the labor market and the upcoming transfer from analogue to digital broadcasting in regional partner countries.

The role of LMMFE is the transfer of knowledge and good practice from related studies in EU Member States.

Project website:

Project name: Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technologies – Master studies

Programme: EU, Erasmus+

Duration: 15.10.2017 – 14.10.2020

Project cost: 748.241,00

Project code: 586318-EPP-1-2017-1-AL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP (2017-2982/001-001)


  • Epoka university – Tirana
  • University Aleksander Moisiu –  Durres
  • RTSH-Radio Televizioni Shqiptar
  • University of Prishtina – »Hasan Prishtina«
  • University for Business and Technology
  • VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava
  • University of Ljubljana
  • University of Tartu