We’ve become dependent on ICT technologies and not a day, or perhaps not even an hour, goes by without us using emails, chatting online with our coworkers and friends, rely on smart home apps to unlock the door and make coffee, sneak a peek at social media, or read about the latest coronavirus update online.

We need these services. And we all know it won’t work without proper cybersecurity in place.

But do you ever wonder how many cyberattacks are actually taking place around the globe? How many of them are targeting us? How attractive are we for the attackers? And what are they after, really?

This is why we designed and implemented CyberLab – an open cybersecurity observation platform.

This is a large geographically distributed network of honeypots deployed on more than 50 locations in Europe and USA that continuously monitors cybersecurity attacks and collects large volumes of data about who the attackers are, what they are after, who are the most attractive targets, how long they stay on the attacked nodes and what tools they use, and much much more.

And we make all this information openly available. All detected attacks are available also as raw open data, to support further cybersecurity research.

Open CyberLab