Context Broker enables organisations (including but not limited to public administrations) to manage and share data in real-time describing “what is currently happening” within their organisations, in the real world they manage or where they run their daily business processes. Thus, for example, Smart Cities and Smart Villages can share information about what is happening in streets (e.g., traffic status, quality of air data, available parking slots, location, citizen opinions, etc).

The project involves establishing a link between the ThingsBoard IoT platform and the FIWARE Context Broker interoperability platform. The options for connecting to the Context Broker in the ThingsBoard platform are sending data from the ThingsBoard rule chain directly to the Context Broker and sending from the ThingsBoard rule chain to the IoT Agent that sends the data to the Context Broker.

Development cooperation with Telekom Slovenije, FRI in IRI

Project title: Context Broker

Duration: 2021-2022


  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer Science
  • Telekom Slovenia
  • IRI UL, Innovation and Development Institute of the University of Ljubljana