Our article on livings labs for rural areas was just published in a Special Issue ‘The Governance of Social Innovation for a Sustainable Economy: Requirements, Actors and Approaches’
This great contextualization of living lab frameworks, concepts and practices was prepared by Veronika ZavratnikArgene Superina and Emilija Stojmenova Duh. And it’s an exciting read, for real!

“Living Labs are spaces for innovative and participative research, development and activities that use multidisciplinary approaches and promote the co-creation paradigm. Our specific interest lies in exploring the value of the Living Lab concept for creating environments that enable equal opportunities for people living in rural and urban areas, and for making rural areas attractive places to live. Moreover, through the existing practices and research results available, Living Labs are seen as one of the important building blocks of smart rural development and an important step towards establishing a Smart Village environment. Living Labs are a valuable player in enhancing circular economy, digital transformation, local self-sufficiency and other elements of sustainable living. “

(From the Abstract.)

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