One of the most important goals of Interreg Europe projects is to create stimulative environments for sharing solutions and good practices, with an aim to improve strategies for citizens and communities as a whole.

For CARPE DIGEM, which is about creating functioning Digital Innovation Ecosystems (DIGEM) with their RTDI skills, packages and delivery mechanisms within government, civil society and business that are required to convert the use and application of new technologies into economic and social opportunity, sharing experience is extremely important.

In this vein, a productive cooperation between Faculty of electrical engineering (UL), Ministry of Public Administration and Mallorca Chamber of Commerce has commenced by exchanging most commonly used platforms for webinars and online meetings, as well as a guide of basic and free tools which enable effective communication and management of working processes within the context of working remotely, prepared in collaboration with Faculty of electrical engineering (UL) and Ministry of Public Administration.

On the other hand Faculty of electrical engineering (UL) and Ministry of Public Administration were provided with a valuable insight into specifics of the region of Mallorca, where CCM is a major policy influencer and implementer for main projects and strategic plans. Especially beneficial is CCM’s position as a consultative partner on all regional policies related with innovation and enterprises, bringing knowledge and capacity to create impact on local-international networks and generate an innovative ecosystem involving the key public and private players.

Examples of our collaborations on exchanging good practices can be found here and here.

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