Accessibility and universal usability are two of the cornerstones, needed to achieve web democratization. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are an internationally accepted set of recommendation for making online content, across all user agents, more accessible to people with vision, hearing, mobility, speech, learning and other cognitive disabilities, among others. These guidelines, however, do not specify any method of inspection for their compliance. As part of the WA Helps All: Web Accessibility enabling & measuring tool project, funded by the European Social Catalyst Fund, we are analyzing proven practices in auditing the accessibility of websites. Through evaluation of the suitability of the methods used for this task, our work will conclude in the proposal of a new, interpretable and scalable appraisal methodology.

Project name: WA Helps All: Web accessibility enabling & measuring tool


  • Beletrina, Zavod za založniško dejavnost (prijavitelj)
  • Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, UL