The lack of ICT platforms based on open standards is regarded as one of the most significant market barriers to the creation of new care & assistance paradigms with global interconnection and interworking. UNCAP delivers an interoperable platform based on open industrial standards that leverages on existing technologies for biosensing, indoor/outdoor localization and home-automation.

The result is an open source, scalable and privacy-savvy ecosystem compatible with existing Personal Health Record systems, that can deliver novel services that can help aging people (incl. those with cognitive impairments) live independently and with dignity. To do so, UNCAP uses state-of-art physical/cognitive assessment tools together with technologies to locate objects, devices and users within indoor/outdoor spaces, to continuously monitor users in a non-invasive way and to assist them in case alert conditions are detected.

In practice, UNCAP develops a product suite for formal and informal care environments made of: 1) the UNCAP BOX (an Android consumer device connected to TVs); 2) the UNCAP App for both users and caregivers; 3) the UNCAP CLOUD, delivering scalable care services; 4) the UNCAP certification suite, to help software and hardware manufacturers assess compliancy with standards. UNCAP is assessed in 14 pilots within real operational scenarios. Pilots are located in rehabilitation centers, daily nursing facilities etc. and involve 750+ users and 220 caregivers. Users’ physical & cognitive assessment is carried on before and after the introduction of UNCAP to extract quantifiable metrics to assess its impact in terms of quality of care services and improved quality of life of users and caregivers.

In UNCAP, UL is in charge of endpoints implementation and integration, to support the easy-to-use smartphone/tablet app for Android and iOS platforms, and the Android-based TV interface. UL also supports UNCAP solution deployment and trials execution from the endpoints perspective, and holds the role of technical supporting partner of the pilot in Elderly Home Danice Vogrinec Maribor in Slovenia.


Duration: 01.01.2015 – 31.12.2017

Project cost: 3.086.254,00

Project code: 643555