The main objective of SaMBA is to promote low carbon mobility in the Alpine Space area (i.e. public transport, bicycle, sharing mobility) by creating a transnational community and providing them with knowledge and tools to implement behaviour change policies based on reward and pricing schemes that are co-designed by the citizens, equitable and directly related to the external costs of transport. Acting on the generalized cost of existing options for low carbon mobility, SaMBA will increase the perceived range of options for potential users in view of the fact that sustainable transport options are often not even seen as available choices, because of the gap in terms of time and comfort compared to the car.

In the Alpine Space area the potential of low carbon mobility is still hindered as many inhabitants in rural and urban areas is still car dependent in their daily mobility. Mainly, this is due to the mismatch between transport supply, mobility demand and people’s mobility behaviour. SaMBA will promote mobility behaviour change by reducing the perceived gap between sustainable transport modes and private cars through reward/ pricing policies.

It brings together 13 partners from 5 countries in order to develop 1) policy impact estimation method and tool, 2) policy recommendations that consider territorial peculiarities and different needs of the people, 3) handbook for policy implementation. The project involves main Alpine Space decision makers and as well as citizens.

Project website:

Project name: Sustainable Mobility Behaviours in the Alpine Region

Programme: EU, Interreg Alpine Space

Duration: 17.04.2018 – 16.04.2021

Project cost: 2.036.192,55

Project code: ASP655


  • Piedmont Region, Italy (coordinator)
  • Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation, Italy
  • Province of Padova, Italy
  • City of Chieri, Italy
  • Department of Isere, France
  • Vercors Regional Natural Park, France
  • Magistrate of borough Salzburg, Austria
  • Research Studios Austria, Research Society mbH, Austria
  • Munich Transport and Tariff Association, Germany
  • Business Support Centre Kranj, Slovenia
  • City Municipality Koper, Slovenia
  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Climate Alliance, Germany