The main objective of the project is to activate unrecognized and restore dilapidated cultural heritage and to use it to enhance sustainable tourist development of small border towns.

Small border towns are facing some issues that bigger, more central towns and cities are less familiar with. One of such issues is the degradation, dilapidation and non-use of cultural heritage. Solving this problem can enhance the development of tourist infrastructure on a local level. Therefore, the main problematics addressed by the project is how to use local heritage and tourism trends in order to increase the number of tourists in under-developed border regions. kulTura is designed as a development model that can also be used in the case of other small historical border towns, and thus cross-border cooperation will be used as a propagation and marketing tool for the model.

The main task that will be carried out by the Faculty of electrical engineering UL, will be the development of the mobile application for multimedia support for virtual experience/ revitalization of the heritage.

Project name: The heritage of Jaska and Černomelj can also be ‘cool’. For everybody.

Program: EU, Interreg Slovenia-Croatia

Duration: 01.07.2018- 31.12.2020

Project cost: 1.316.243,02

Project code: 253


  • City of Jastrebarsko (lead partner), CROATIA
  • Jastrebarsko tourist board, CROATIA
  • Municipality of Črnomelj , SLOVENIA
  • Development-information centre of Bela Krajina, SLOVENIA
  • University of Ljubljana (Faculty of electrical engineering, Faculty of architecture), SLOVENIA
  • Libertas international University, CROATIA
  • Association of cities in Republic of Croatia, CROATIA
  • Zagreb county tourist board, CROATIA
  • Association of municipalities and towns of Slovenia, SLOVENIA
  • Institute for the protection of cultural heritage of Slovenia, SLOVENIA