One of the main principles in building a smart city is to provide a safe, healthy, and energy-efficient environment for the city’s residents. Ensuring air quality, access to clean drinking water, green spaces, reducing noise, increasing safety and traffic flow, safety are factors that we can pay attention to when building the cities of the future.

The key building block of a smart city, in addition to devices and communication technologies, is the digital platform, where data is merged and displayed to various stakeholders (citizens, system administrators, and city managers). The digital platform must enable different levels of data access, remote control and management of processes, merging of a multitude of data flows and integration of various existing systems, advanced analytics and alarming, and a secure way to store and access data.

The LTFE has been actively involved in the design and development of smart city systems for many years. As part of the project, we are developing an IoT platform and services that will enable the digitization of Slovenian cities in the coming years.


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