The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 4PDIH and Google have partnered and signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation. It is an umbrella contract under which we will carry out several joint activities.

Within the project Grow Slovenia with Google, the main purpose of cooperation is to encourage individuals to acquire the appropriate (digital) knowledge and skills required by the modern labor market:

  • New, highly sought after digital IT skills for better career development,
  • an interactive learning experience through the globally successful Coursera portal,
  • Professional and up-to-date knowledge delivery – training is provided by experts from Google,
  • customized work according to own speed and scope,
  • internationally recognized certification for each completed training.

Online trainings in the field of IT are intended for raising digital competencies:

  • young people who are finishing their studies and are just entering the labor market or are already active job seekers,
  • teachers and all educators in primary and secondary schools who will enrich the learning process with new knowledge,
  • employees in municipalities (local public administration), whose acquired knowledge will help them to be even more efficient at work,
  • other interested individuals

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Project name:  Grow Slovenia with Google


  • Google
  • Coursera
  • 4P DIH, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana