ERUDITE partners have successfully developed and extended High Speed Broadband infrastructure to enable a rising number of stakeholders and citizens to contribute to the digital economy and society. To fully exploit the economic and social potential of these networks new services need to be designed to meet public, private and community needs and justify public investments in infrastructure and uses. To achieve these aims the project will undertake the design of new services supported by open innovation processes involving and empowering businesses, citizens and public administrations; thereby stimulating demand and local innovation capacity potential, enabling stakeholders to be partners in the creation and operation of services that improve territorial potential. To increase understanding of the design, operation and impacts of services, the Open Innovation process will be supported by Social and Economic Return on Investment (SEROI) studies providing data to illustrate global social and economic impacts and support more targeted investments.

Whereas digitalization and development of innovation capacity are essential elements of current policy instruments, the exploitation of new digital opportunities to support employment growth, quality of life and territorial attractiveness is insubstantial. ERUDITE partners have concluded that the development, design and implementation of effective digital services in Europe requires an innovative re¬thinking of the process of: identifying appropriate services, designing demand stimulation and digital service delivery strategies and evaluating return on investment.

Erudite will define sustainable business models for digital service development and deployment through the refinement of open innovation methodology integrating SEROI; by involving multiple stakeholders in design, delivery and ownership of services, reassuring investors by demonstrating wider and most importantly, measurable social and economic benefits.

Project name: Enhancing Rural and Urban Digital Innovation Territories (ERUDITE)

Programme: EU, Interreg Europe

Duration: 01.04.2016 – 31.03.2020

Project cost: 2.075.178,00

Project code: PGI00190


  • Digital Nièvre Joint Authority, FR
  • Acreo Swedish ICT, SE
  • Burgundy Regional Council, FR
  • University of Ljubljana, SI
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, SI
  • City of Venice, IT
  • Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, FI
  • Economic Development Agency of Suupohja Region, FI
  • Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland, SE
  • Pannon Business Network Association, HU