In the last years, the ICT innovation, research and development area has changed drastically. Nowadays, the ICT is part of the industry 4.0, health care, education, training etc., and has as such a crucial role in all parts of our lives. Developing products and services, conducting research and innovation activities, where ICT has a supporting role, means that in addition to the ICT domains, researchers and developers have to acquire domain specific knowledge from different application sectors, such as health, energy or education. This means that traditional ICT education and training are not providing all the competences needed and are therefore inefficient in meeting the needs of the industry and economy. New, innovative models of education and training are necessary and they should include solution oriented design thinking and prototyping. In addition, a short review of ICTbased innovation activities and good practices at UL FE is given.

SEDLAR, Urban, KOS, Andrej, PUSTIŠEK, Matevž, BEŠTER, Janez, POGAČNIK, Matevž, MALI, Luka, STOJMENOVA DUH, Emilija. Tackling the challenges of ICT innovation and talents for industry 4.0. The IPSI BgD transactions on internet research, ISSN 1820-4503. [Print ed.], Jan. 2018, vol. 14, no. 1.