Current telehealth systems are used to improve the treatment of chronic diseases by collecting medical data at the patient and transferring them to a remote medical institution. Research shows that such medical practice can be substantially improved if the measured parameters are greater in number and of more diverse nature. Emerging consumer solutions for monitoring personal health and wellness, as well as various resources from domains like internet, telecommunications and smart living, can be used as possible sources for exploration of an individual’s wider health context. It was our aim to design an internet of things solutions, which would combine these sources of information into context information, complementary to health data. An internet of things platform was designed and implemented and integration with an established e-health system was provided to enrich telehealth data with context information by aggregating and processing cross-domain inputs from various sources. The approach was validated on a use case scenario. The concept was tried in a scenario related to prevention and management of heart disease. The system’s advanced graphic correlation features are expected to help physicians and patients identify true roots of health problems. Medical researchers are also expected to benefit from a deeper insight into complex cross-domain parameter dependencies that determine an individual’s health.

PUSTIŠEK, Matevž. A system for multi-domain contextualization of personal health data. Journal of medical systems, ISSN 0148-5598, Jan. 2017, vol. 41, 16, str. 1-6, ilustr., doi: 10.1007/s10916-016-0663-6.