Between January 23rd and 25th, the introductory meeting of the Erasmus+ project WBnet took place in Belgrade. The main goal of the meeting was to establish a network of centers for the implementation of short study programs at higher education institutions in the countries of the Western Balkans (Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Organizations that participate in the WBnet project, are representing 5 countries: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Slovenia and Spain. The project is coordinated by the Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies Belgrade (ATUSS), which hosted the introductory set of meetings.

The members of the Laboratory for Multimedia  (LMMFE), the representatives of the University of Ljubljana (UL), have a primary advisory role within the project, as the project also includes the preparation of short study programs in the field of multimedia and computer science, as well as the technical and substantive establishment of the centers. The members of LMMFE have rich experience in the fields of establishing study programs and planning systems and spaces for the hybrid delivery of lectures. Being part of the project, they will conduct various educational workshops, participate in the preparation of applications for tenders, in the evaluation of curricula and during purchase of equipment. Besides, they will also advise pedagogues and technical staff in conducting lectures and exercises.

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