The Laboratory for Telecommunications at Faculty of Electrical Engineering is part of the international project CODECS, whose goal is to contribute to sustainable digitization in agriculture based on the analysis of economic, environmental, and social impacts. Within the project, 20 so-called “living labs” will address various practical challenges, such as how to reduce water consumption, pesticides, and other inputs in agriculture, ensure sustainable rural business operations, and care for the welfare of animals, etc.

In Slovenia, in collaboration with Doppler Winery and Čebelarstvo Cesar we will focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Both partners have introduced the use of sensor infrastructure in their work, and with the help of a new methodology, we will evaluate the impact of digital solutions on the environmental, social, and economic aspects.

Another important goal is to strengthen the collaboration of stakeholders who have been involved in the digitization of agriculture for many years. Project activities stimulated the connection of farmers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and others interested in the Smart Village Network.

A good example of how sensors in vineyards can assist in making informed decisions regarding interventions in the vineyard is presented in a video prepared by Senzemo in collaboration with Doppler Winery.

Check out a video about this topic: video





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