On 15.11.2023, as part of the #Smart Village Network, researchers, farmers, policy makers, technology providers collected together at Doppler Winery for our first annual Living Lab meeting in Slovenia. As part of this network, we are connected by several different activities, and at the same time we are jointly monitoring the rapid technological developments that are taking place in this area.This time we met in the framework of the CODECS project, which deals with sustainable digitalization in rural areas and aims to evaluate the environmental, social, and economic impacts that digitalization brings to agriculture.

The meeting comprised two segments:

  1. Workshop on Digital Ecosystem Conduciveness, which aims to identify resources, capabilities, collaborations and innovations and to analyse how does the Digital Ecosystem enables, foster or set conditions for digital activities in agriculture.
  2. Focus group on the topic Analysis of Costs and Benefits from Digitalisation, with aimed to identify the perceptions of the economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits associated with digitalization in agriculture.

Many thanks to all participants and representatives from:

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Ministrstvo za digitalno preobrazbo / Ministry of Digital Transformation

Doppler winery

Čebelarstvo Cesar

Tanjin Vrt

Družinska kmetija Leber Vračko


The meeting is happening simultaneously in several EU countries, in a total of 20 similar initiatives (Living Labs). Stay tuned for updates as we cultivate innovation and sow the seeds of sustainable digital growth!










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