Using MakerLab open innovation approaches and rapid prototyping, we save time and money and simultaneously transfer key IoT knowledge to your team. We raise the competencies of your team, give strategic direction and encourage innovation.

By adding sensors and smart platforms and processing data we find out how to increase added value, optimize performance and lower costs.

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IoT solutions, adding blockchain features to devices, telecommunication protocols, application interfaces (APIs), mobile multimedia applications (AR / VR), upgrading converged fixed and mobile networks in 5G direction, planning user experience and accessibility for all. We digitize industries using these ICT skills.

With experience and references, we enter the company’s environment, find the most meaningful way to solve the problem with a wide range of interdisciplinary skills. Therefore we achieve exceptional performance of development projects.

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Development and pre-certification testing of security, performance, compliance and durability of network devices and data services. Testing equipment samples before the purchase.

We have three protocol analyzers and traffic generators of different manufacturers. Our test center includes a data center and network devices with protocols used by telecommunications operators. Therefore, we can carry out test scenarios of a wide range of complexity and contribute to a higher quality of finished products.

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40 researchers, of which there are 14 young researchers, researchers with a doctorate in the field of ICT, electrical engineering, telecommunications, computer science and informatics. 10+ research projects per year.

Partners Horizon 2020 and Interreg Europe projects. Holders of the horizontal IoT in SRIP Smart Cities and the Community and FabLab Network Slovenia. We work with largest Slovenian ICT companies within the EkoSmart project.

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