The team of the Laboratory for multimedia, in cooperation with students of the multimedia study programme, recorded the procedures for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia with the help of ablation, which were performed at the Clinical Department of Cardiology of the University Medical Center in Ljubljana. The recorded content will be used in the future at conferences and for the education of the next generations of cardiologists. The recording took place in “live-to-tape” mode, which means that the editing of multimedia content was carried out in real time, as if it were a live broadcast.

The recording included 3 remote-controlled cameras, several microphones and digital capture of various special medical devices, such as e.g. 3D heart mapping system, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, endoscopic camera and others. The use of remote cameras made it possible that the presence of cameramen in the surgery room was not necessary, which is very important in sterile environments. Capturing digital devices is a rather demanding process due to the limitation of interventions and other factors in the medical environment, but it allows for measurements, diagrams and other displays on instruments to be captured in high quality, as if the medical staff viewed them in real time.

In November 2021, at one of the conferences in the field of cardiology, the LMMFE team took care of the live transmission of cardiac interventions to the lecture hall and the teleconference call, whereby listeners and cardiologists in the operating room could communicate with each other during the surgery.

Project title: Recording of interventions for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia


  • Slovenian Society of Cardiology
  • Laboratory of multimedia, Faculty of electrical engineering, University of Ljubljana