In the project we developed and deployed a virtual learning environment cloud supporting latest generation of Rokus-Klett publishing house’s advanced interactive e-textbooks. Rokus Klett-LMS connects teachers and students in a virtual classroom thus effectively improving their interaction while at the same time simplifying management of the learning process.

Rokus Klett LMS gives the teacher an opportunity to send notes to students about tasks and activities, to observe the work and the progress of individual students or groups by means of clear graphics (tables, diagrams etc), to prepare extra exercises, tests and much more. The system gives the student an insight into their own learning outcomes and statistics, access to notes, exercises and tests prepared for them by the teacher.

LTFE is a technological partner of Rokus-Klett publishing house, ensuring daily operation of the service, its maintenance and providing further development.


  • Rokus-Klett d.o.o.

Duration: 2015 –