For business:

  • access to equipment,
  • access to (technological) knowledge,
  • access to (best) personnel,
  • effective staff training,
  • raising innovation and creativity,
  • economic development through entrepreneurship, invention and innovation,
  • exchange of knowledge and experience,
  • cooperation with RO and other companies,
  • multi- and interdisciplinary research,

For educational institutions:

  • promoting creativity and entrepreneurship among the youth,
  • experimentation,
  • practical education,
  • “learning-by-doing”,
  • links and cooperation with industry,
  • applied research,
  • transfer of knowledge in practice,
  • increased interest in STEAM professions among young people of both sexes.

For the community:

  • the revitalization of the region,
  • to avoid brain drain,
  • opportunities for young people and other entrepreneurs,
  • active aging – active involvement of the elderly in society,
  • intergenerational cooperation.


For individuals:

  • mentoring,
  • open access to equipment and technologies,
  • open access to (technological) knowledge,
  • exchange of ideas, information, information and knowledge,
  • joint projects – connecting laboratories and people.


Doc. dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
University of Ljubljana
+386 1 4768 411
+386 51 662 730