Dr. Jure Trilar joined The HyPro4ST project team for a two-day intensive meeting on June 11-12, 2024, organisesed by project partners at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, bringing together partners to discuss key developments and future plans. The event, covered a comprehensive agenda focused on the project’s progress, impact, and upcoming milestones.

The first-day sessions were dedicated to Work Packages focusing on the design and development of the HyPro4ST Online Training Course, Practical Guide, and Virtual Learning Hub, followed by presentations on the training framework, curriculum, content elaboration, and practical guide for trainers. Key points included evaluating the development stages and ensuring alignment with project goals.

Further, HyPro4ST consortium members provided updates on the virtual learning hub, training seminars, course rollout, and work-based learning initiatives. The session highlighted progress and next steps in these crucial areas. Additional sections covered project quality, impact management, and curriculum certification.

On the second day, the sections addressed dissemination, exploitation, sustainability strategy, and project management. Partners had in-depth discussions on dissemination activities and policy recommendations, providing a clear overview and implementation plan for the project’s final year.

This two-day meeting was a significant step forward for the HyPro4ST project, aligning all partners on the progress and strategic plans for the upcoming year. The detailed discussions and interactive sessions ensured that all aspects of the project are on track, setting a solid foundation for successful completion.

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