HyPro4ST Alliance for Education and Enterprises offers an innovative and holistic approach to educating and supporting existing and prospective project managers and other professionals and students that are working in the sustainable tourism industry,with the aim to boost innovation through the cooperation and flow of knowledge in higher education.Taking into consideration that the tourism industry influences the global economy and the regional development, the issue of its sustainable development and its projectification is becoming particularly relevant, highlighting the importance of effective management.

HyPro4SΤ aims at advancing the project management skills, the digital, the green, the business and the creative skills of existing and prospective project managers of the sustainable tourism sector, alongside with upscaling VET and higher education trainers’ skills in advanced sustainable, digital, project management, entrepreneurial and educational methods. It intends to reach these goals through the design, development and delivery of modular, microlearning based vocational curricula on sustainable and hybrid Project Management, as well as transversal-soft skills, directly responding to the skills needs identified by existing research evidences.

The Agenda 2030 Sustainable Goals and the Paris Declaration for Climate Change recognize the critical role played by the tourism sector which accounts for 1/10 of global GDP and employment. That’s why a Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager should be emerged that will be equipped with all those competences that could serve towards achieving the aforementioned goal.

The project will develop:

  • A joint training programme, the HyPro4ST VOOC and the HyPro4ST Practical Guide for trainers;
  • The new Job Profile of Sustainable Hybrid Project Manager qualification for the Sustainable Tourism Sector and related certification scheme;
  • Τhe HyPro4ST Virtual Learning Hub.

The specific project results will include:

  • Identification of specificities and challenges in each partner country regarding the sustainable tourism sector, as well as the learning and development (L&D) needs relating to performance gaps of the project managers working in various disciplines of the tourism industry.
  • Long-lasting effect of the project products and their cross-border transferability by deploying he EQAVET, EQF/ECVET, and the micro-credential quality assurance and credit award pan-European systems.
  • Support to the implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, the European Green Deal, the Europe Recovery Plan, and the European Skills Agenda 2030.

The project consists of 17 partners from different 6 countries:

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