The Laboratory for Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is a partner of the SaMBA – Sustainable Mobility Behaviours project in the Alpine Region, which has received validated funding in the European tender within the Interreg Alpine Space program.

SaMBA will promote changes in mobility behavior by reducing the perceived gap between sustainable modes of transport and private cars through a reward / pricing policy that is fair and directly related to external transport costs. SaMBA will help identify the tools for low-carbon daily mobility in public and will help legislators with stakeholder recommendations.

Slovenian partners, besides LTFE, include BSC, Business support center d.o.o. Kranj in City Municipality of Koper.

Leading partner is Piedmont Region, Italy. SaMBA connects 13 partner institutions, 37 observers and 9 pilot projects from 5 countries. The project starts in June 2018 and will last for 36 months.

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