From 12 to 14 December 2023, the CODECS, project held its annual General Assembly at the University of Almeria, Spain. The event served as a crucial forum where CODECS partners gathered to discuss the project’s progress, accomplishments, and future plans.

The main goal of CODECS is to contribute to digital sustainability, analysing economic, environmental, and social sustainability, by covering advantages and disadvantages not always considered in cost-benefit or similar analyses. Furthermore, CODECS analyses how digitalization, i.e. digital transformation of our societies, provides resources and capabilities necessary for digital sustainability at farm, community, and socio-cultural levels.

CODECS’s innovative ideas are applied across a total of 20 living labs (LL) in Europe, to contribute to farmer inclusiveness in marginalized areas, effective use of water, reduction of pesticide use, knowledge sharing, animal welfare, etc. In relation to this, the gathering also featured a Living Labs marketplace, providing a platform for the project’s Living Labs to present insights into their distinctive initiatives and innovations, including the Slovenian Living Lab Smart Village Network.

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