The Laboratory for Multimedia of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (LMMFE) successfully applied for the tender of The Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency (ARIS) for the purchase of research equipment. With the financial support of the University of Ljubljana (UL) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (UL FE), LMMFE was equipped with a multimedia 4K HDR audio-video production system for the analysis, measurement and development of architectures operating via network technologies (AV-over-IP), which include standards such as SMPTE 2110, NDI and Dante.

This week, at LMMFE, we were among the first in Slovenia to succeed in establishing signal transmission from from source to destination according to the SMPTE 2110 protocol in 4K resolution with 50 frames per second, where individual devices are connected to the network with interface speeds of 25 Gb/s. In the future, these devices will be combined on video switcher and other devices that achieve interface speeds of up to 400 Gb/s. As part of the research work, we will also include these high-resolution signals in test setups of the 5G network with the aim of solving the challenges of ensuring low latencies and synchronizing signals when transmitting extremely high bit rates.

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