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June 2018

Living Bits And Things 2018

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8th Living Bits and Things 2018 was hosted in Bled during 18th and 19th June 2018. The main focus of this year’s event were developments in major hot topics: Blockchain and other digital ledger technologies, NGI – the next generation internet, IIoT – industrial IoT and more. On the event attended many home and foreign professionals from the field of IoT. The picture presents our co-worker Lula Mali during his presentation at LBT IoT.

Google Developers Community Roadshow

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Join the community journey of Google Developers team on tour  across ten countries and fourteen cities in Europe in a colorful community bus.  They will be visiting university campuses and technology parks to meet locall developers and talk about Google programs for developers and start-ups. They will stop in Slovenia, Ljubljana on 18th of June in Technology Park Ljubljana.

Visitors will receive more detailed information about Google’s support for development communities around the world, attend workshops for  Actions on Google, Google Cloud, Machine Learning, and get to know the Google team and other participants.

For more details, please check schedule of Community Roadshow 2018.

20 ICT professions for the future decade

By | Nerazvrščeno | No Comments predicts 20 ICT professions for the future decade in the IKT Informator. The demand for IT professionals is growing. Among the main reasons for the increased demand for certain IT professions is the digital transformation with technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, mass data and the Internet of things and expertise in the fields of security and networks.

  1. Security management expert,
  2. Network engineer / architect,
  3. Engineer / architect for cybernetic / information security,
  4. Sesigner / developer / engineer for IoT,
  5. Architect / business intelligence developer,
  6. Software developer / engineer,
  7. Designer / developer / engineer for machine learning,
  8. Data engineer,
  9. Conversion consultant,
  10. a business intelligence analyst,
  11. Head of Change,
  12. Mobile application developer,
  13. Developer for the Web,
  14. Network / system administrator,
  15. System analyst,
  16. Architect of databases,
  17. A data scientist,
  18. Computer support expert,
  19. Technical Director / Custodian for Social Media,
  20. Designer / developer for UI / UX (user interface / user experience).

The summary of article publication is form IKT Informator

Invited lecture Mr. Goran Živec, Vahta d.o.o.

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On Friday, 1st of June 2018, we hosted a lecture by Mr. Goran Živec, Vahta d.o.o, from the field of design and construction of optical fibre networks. The lecture was part of  Design and management of communication systems course for 2nd Cycle Postgraduate Study Programme.

Mr. Živec presented to the students his vast experience in the design and management of telecommunications network projects and future planed large-scale infrastructure projects. In particular, he emphasized the importance and requirements of the economic-financial, technical-content and implementation part of the projects.