On December 14th 2018 the FIRST OPEN 5GSAFETY WORKSHOP successfully took place in Bled, Slovenia. Co-located with the 19th edition of the PSCE conference, the event welcomed an audience from around the world to discuss the challenges that 5G is bringing along for the PPDR landscape.

The event held space to demonstrate results of the national Slovenian project 5G Safety and discuss a number of interesting topics, including 5G PPDR practices from the telco perspective, practitioners’ requirements and expectations on the European and national levels, the next generation of dispatcher services, backward compatibility of professional communication services while migrating to 5G, usability of 5G 112 apps for citizens, safety and security traps of 5G PPDR, and more.

The workshop attracted 50 attendees from around the world, including practitioners, operators, vendors, policymakers, and researchers, and catered for lively discussions and exchange of opinions and good practices in the field.

Some key takeaways:

  • Telcos are faced with a big challenge of securing ROI in 5G PPDR and further discussions need to take place on both European and national levels to set up value chains, determine migration strategies and define viable 5G PPDR business models.
  • Collaborative environments with rich communication support and location services are recognized as essential tools for efficient inter-agency cooperation and large scale response operations. Competetive advantage of such solutions will be determined by the support of specialised capabilities, such as adaptability to current network conditions and organisational structure.
  • Smart cognition, well thought-out user interfaces and human-machine interactions together with big data and AI are power engines that can bring huge added value to PPDR. However, technology has to go hand in hand with psychology and cognition aspects to deliver true value and a smarter decision support environment.
  • Mobile apps and social media are important elements of future 112 services. However, a slew of problems will have to be addressed in this space, from usability, interoperability, security and data privacy, to awareness, and finally, business models that sustain the ecosystem.

You can download the presentations from the workshop on our website.

This was the first in a series of open workshops organised by the 5G Safety project on the topic of 5G PPDR. Follow us on our website or get in touch about upcoming events and activities.