On Monday (10. 7. 2017) we kicked off the 2nd iteration of the NEXES App Challenge for 112 applications. The app challenge will be open for 60 days, until September 8th, and will conclude with a workshop event on September 20th, 2017.

 More information and submissions at: http://nexesappchallenge.eu/


We’re interested in:

  • ideas (these should include at least some detail, but not more than 3 A4 pages, with images included)
  • mobile application prototypes (we’re also interested in other technologies, such as web-based apps, chat bots, etc.)
  • presentations of existing and already established 112-related systems are also welcome.


Some ideas:

  • apps with special focus on people with disabilities (deaf, blind)
  • new methods of data capture (wizards, surveys, phone sensors, external Bluetooth sensors)
  • new methods of communication: chat, video call, chat bots, VR, augmented reality (using e.g., the Apple ARKit)
  • new methods of public notifications about nearby events (storms, fires, flooding, traffic accidents)


All participants in the competition will be invited to the workshop and presentations that will be organized on September 20 in Ljubljana. There they will be able to meet domestic and foreign experts in the area of emergency services, get feedback on their ideas and applications, and be promoted to the professional community.