Participation in the ‘Smart City – Smart Mobility’ Panel

On Friday, 21 September 2018, Ljubljana’s Town Hall hosted a panel on the subject of smart mobility. Two of our researchers attended the panel, as Laboratory for Telecommunications is one of the partners in the SaMBA project for sustainable mobility.

The panel was organised as a part of European Mobility Week, and it was attended by participants with different focuses on the matter (road safety, traffic flow and effectiveness, sustainable attitude, multimodality, technological advancements), but with a common objective of striving for better mobility. The attendees were representatives of the following institutions: DARS (Slovenian road management authority), Slovenian Railways, AV Living Lab, Špica International, Monolit, SenLab, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Safe Road Institute (Zavod Varna pot), City of Ljubljana.

Our discussion was firstly focused on how to gather and disseminate traffic information. Next, the debate moved to the level of behaviour change in mobility and motivational factors stimulating these changes. In the second half of the debate, the participants presented concrete traffic and mobility data, practical examples, and challenges for the future. The panel was concluded with a presentation of the living lab in BTC City (a shopping centre) by AV Living Lab, a company that set up a test ground for new technologies and a demonstration of these technologies to the masses of everyday visitors.