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Lea ŠmigocTelekom Slovenije d.d.

We did not achieve a significant added value with the first series of children's chairs. LTFE and Makerlab engineers have added sensors, communication, and application to help us develop our first digital product.

Matej KoširRimarket, Jurjevica

Our universal solution for measuring power consumption collects data from residential, commercial and industrial network systems. We are changing our research and development from an electrically-centric to ICT & electrically focused digital solution. The help of the LTFE team as our "think tank" and development team is invaluable.

Marko MišmašIskra Emeco, Kranj

Selected projects


Family-Centred Design of Digital Products and Services

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We are proud to announce that the article titled ‘Rethinking Family-Centred Design Approach Towards Creating Digital Products and Services’, written by Jure Trilar, Veronika Zavratnik, Vid Čermelj, Barbara Hrast, Andrej Kos and Emilija Stojmenova Duh, was published in the scientific journal Sensors.

The article provides further study of a family-centred design approach model established in development of application MyFamily and in previous studies, which aim to correspond to the limitations and needs of modern families using information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for common activities, communication and organisation of family time.

Innovative approaches to behaviour change

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Laboratory for Telecommunications at Faculty of Electrical Engineering (LTFE) is a home to many projects related to rural development and addressing other issues in the field of contributing to a friendly living space for the future generations. One of our currently running projects is SaMBA (co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund via Interreg Alpine Space), a project that fosters a collaboration of 13 partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, France, and Slovenia, and enables us to research different options for increasing sustainable mobility, that is to say mobility that will also be sustainable for our offspring.

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